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Film extrusion: Peruvian geomembrane line largest ever

June 23, 2008

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Film extrusion: Peruvian geomembrane line largest ever

Featuring a main extruder measuring 8 inches (203 mm) in diameter, Gloucester Engineering Co. Inc. (Gloucester, MA) has delivered what it calls the “largest blown-film line in history” in terms of film width to a Chilean maker of geomembranes. Polytex SA will install the line in Lima, Peru, making it the company’s third Gloucester machine. The machine features a L:D ratio of 36 to 1 with a 1000-hp motor and two 3.5-inch (90-mm) extruders for skin layers. The die’s diameter measures 86 inches (218 cm), and the winder has a width of 365 inches (927 cm). Gloucester’s German Laverde told MPW that the company couldn’t reveal the cost of the line, which eclipsed a slightly narrower system it delivered for geomembrane production, also in Chile. Laverde said that Latin America is a strong market for Gloucester, generating around 15-20% of its sales.

The line can produce geomembrane liners with gauges from .02 up to .098 inch (5 to 25 mm) in three layers. Texturized and smooth liners can be run with rolls measuring more than 23 ft (7m) in width. The unit’s size posed shipping challenges, with Gloucester reporting that it took more than six hours to load the crates containing the machine, with one weighing 36,000 lb (16,329 kg). From a seaport in Newark, NJ, the machine traveled via container vessel to Peru, where a special ship with a crane was used for unloading.

Polytex makes an array of packaging products for various sectors, including fertilizers, flours, animal feed, salt, sugar, chemicals, mining, and agricultural products.—[email protected]

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