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Filterless Hopper Loader Removes Fine Particles And Dust

August 1, 2001

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Filterless Hopper Loader Removes Fine Particles And Dust

August, 2001

Materials Handling:

Filterless Hopper Loader Removes Fine Particles And Dust

0801pn-12.jpgLast year K-Tronacquired UK-based Colormax Ltd., a company that specializes in materialshandling equipment (Nov '00 PA, p 37). Colormax' newest product is the Cyclomaxfilterless hopper loader, which uses a technology developed by British vacuumcleaner manufacturer Dyson. It eliminates the need for regular maintenance andthe cost of replacement filters.

In operation, the hopper loader uses two cyclones. The first cyclone operates asa conventional loader with a flap discharge valve. The fines, instead of beingdrawn against a filter, pass through the mesh of a shroud into an inner cyclone.Vacuum is ducted to this secondary cyclone through a labyrinth that spirallyaccelerates the descending dust-laden air to supersonic speeds (954 mph) so thaton reaching the cyclone apex, all particles are centrifugally expelled and thenow clean, retaining air is exhausted vertically to the atmosphere.

The fines fall through an angled tube that bisects the primary discharge cone torejoin the main material at the end of each cycle. To maintain vacuum integrityin the second cyclone, the fines are discharged by multiple operations of asolenoid-powered flap valve with an attached agitator.

Because the unit does not use compressed air, it offers 60% energy savingscompared to units that do. Cyclomax loaders come in four capacities: 40, 60, 80and 120 liters and can convey up to 2000 kg/hr (4410 lb/hr). Prices start at$2000.

Colormax Ltd.
Pitman, NJ

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