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August 22, 1998

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Finally!  Small-lot precolored grades

Whenever IMM has queried custom molders about their "wish list" of changes in material supply, the ability to purchase small lots of precolored resin always ranks at the top. Bayer and LNP Engineering Plastics have finally found a way to serve this demand with their recent trademark license agreement. Under the terms, LNP will color match and manufacture small lot quantities-from 110 to 5000 lb-of Bayer's Makrolon PC, Bayblend PC/ABS, Lustran ABS, and Makroblend PC/PET. At a recent press conference in New York both companies announced that the resins will be sold under the Colorcomp line of unfilled thermoplastic compounds by three Bayer distributors: Prime Alliance, General Polymers, and CC&P Engineering Polymers.

What led to this development? "Like most major resin suppliers, Bayer recognized it was not geared to produce small quantities, and raised its minimum order requirements to 5000 lb," says Matt Miklos, LNP's Colorcomp marketing manager. "This left distributors and small-lot customers with few choices for precolored grades. Molders had to buy more resin or color concentrate than they needed and were faced with carrying unused portions as costly inventory. This agreement fills that void and improves lead times considerably." LNP confirms that lead times will be 10 days on color matching and 15 days on production. Miklos adds, "In three weeks, molders can get just the amount of custom-colored resin they need, compared to former lead times as long as 14 weeks."

Trademark certification should also be an advantage, according to Miklos, because the materials will comply with existing material specs. Another bonus: flame-retardant Colorcomp resins will be UL-certified. "When you add color to flame-retardant resins," Miklos says, "the UL-rating is no longer valid and the material must be recertified as flame retardant. However, LNP has all-color UL-listings on Bayer's FR grades, so UL certified all of our precolored resins in advance."

Recycled ResinsAlso announced at the press conference was Kawasaki-LNP's (K-LNP) purchase of a recycler-GHA Plastics-that will be renamed RC Plastics and will become a new division of K-LNP. RC Plastics, based in Houston, will focus on engineering thermoplastics rather than commodity resins, according to Bob Schulz, K-LNP president and CEO. Materials planned include PC, PC/ABS, nylon, PEI, and PES. Target customers are molders who need a resin with near equivalency to prime at lower cost.

"We see an increasing demand for recycled content in our major markets: business machines, telecommunications, appliance, and automotive," says Schulz. "With this new division, we intend to serve that demand." Obtaining postconsumer products for recycling will be one raw material source, say company sources. Also, postindustrial sources are under consideration, from washed CDs and sheet extrusion waste to sprues and runners.

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