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August 23, 2008

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Flame retardant boosts flow

DMP_GreatLakes.gifFiremaster CP-44HF flame retardant from Great Lakes Chemical Corp. reportedly raises the bar over previous versions on both flow and compatibility with PBT, PET, thermoplastic polyesters, and most polyamides. The polybrominated styrene copolymer, designed for higher thermal stability, also features lower molecular weight for suitability in connector and other thin-wall applications.?Smaller and thinner-walled electrical components, coupled with the trend toward lead-free solder, is causing processing issues for the industry,? says Bill Neagle, VP of business management for flame retardants. ?This product was developed for better stability and processing without compromising flame retardancy.? Neagle reports the new additive achieves better color stability and a reduced tendency for delamination during molding.The company also announced availability of a new grade of Anox 20, a hindered phenolic antioxidant with a nonorganotin catalyst. It is considered a primary antioxidant and protects polyolefins, styrenics, engineering thermoplastics, adhesives, and elastomers from the effects of heat and oxygen.
Great Lakes Chemical Corp., West Lafayette, IN
(800) 428-7947; www.greatlakeschem.com

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