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January 1, 2004

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Flexible manufacturing cells

PF_AEC_AECREV_1.gifThrough a recent agreement with Injectech Engineering (Torrington, CT), AEC Inc. now offers flexible manufacturing cells to the injection molding industry. The Revolution automation system is combined with AEC?s robots, and the cost for a base unit is $42,000 to $48,000. The system allows fast implementation of secondary automation and can reportedly be easily reprogrammed and retooled to automate short product runs.

The system is designed and built around an accurate, high-torque rotary servodrive and gives molders a programmable, multipurpose motion platform that performs secondary operations such as labeling, assembly and packaging, inspection, cooling, staging, and degating.

Standard modular stations include pneumatic pick-and-place units to service parts feeders and remove finished product, SCARA robots for insertion and packaging, ultrasonic welding and heat staking, clamping, and vision inspection. A PC-based control has a Windows-based color touchscreen to power the controls. An optional Ethernet port and remote programming software allows troubleshooting and programming over a high-speed Internet connection.

AEC Inc., Wood Dale, IL
(630) 595-1060; www.aecinternet.com

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