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Fluorescent UV Condensation Weathering Device Has New Power Supply System

August 1, 2001

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Fluorescent UV Condensation Weathering Device Has New Power Supply System

August, 2001


Fluorescent UVCondensation Weathering Device Has New PowerSupply System

0801pn-2.jpgAtlas' new UV2000 fluorescent UV condensation weathering device operates with a 'breakthrough' power supply system that is said to increase bulb life and eliminate the need for bulb rotation, all while generating a steadier output. It is also said to lower operating costs. The unit tests the effects of the sun's UV light on a range of materials.

The UV2000 comes with a Siemens controller that has an intuitive touchscreen display to set up test parameters. A microprocessor-based test controller also offers parameter storage. Unit is said to provide complete irradiance control and good air and temperature distribution. It also has a low water alarm and a safety for the water heater and high-temperature chamber.

The UV2000 uses eight 40-watt fluorescent lamps. A countdown timer controls the duration of the test and an operation meter lets users know the total amount of hours the instrument has been in use. It is equipped with independent UV and condensation cycle switches, and specimen holders for 2- x 12-in. and 4- x 12-in. panels. a spray for thermal shock or water-initiated erosion, along with a strip chart recorder and Aquanizer water de-ionizationsystem are optional.

For additional information, including pricing, contact the company directly using our Key Contact Directory onp 51.

Atlas Electric Devices Co.
Chicago, IL

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