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January 1, 2001

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German-Made Sprue Picker, Robot Now Offered In U.S.

German-Made Sprue Picker, Robot Now Offered In U.S.

Remak Maschinenbau GmbH is now offering two new robots to the U.S. market: the RX5 high-speed sprue picker and the RX30 servo-driven robot. Both were first shown at NPE, but werenot included in any of our pre-showcoverage.

jan01_05.jpgSprue picker The RX5 sprue picker is designed for injection molding machines up to 400 tons. It has a vertical (Y) stroke of 19.7 in., with an adjustment of 13.78 in. The strip (X) stroke is 1.57 in. and is adjustable from 5.91 to 13.58 in. (from the face of the fixed platen). The pivot point is 19.7 in. above the platen and can be extended by 2 or 4 in.

Take-out time is rated at 0.3 sec and complete cycle time (all axes at full extension) at 3.0 sec. Maximum payload at full acceleration is 500 gm. Price, which includes shipping and handling, is $4800. Remak's Bernd Johannson says that compared to other sprue pickers (with cycle times of 8 sec or faster) the RX5 offers a 10% increase in output. He adds that it will pay for itself in six to nine months.

Servo drive on the Z axis The RX 30 is designed for molding machines up to 440 tons and has a servo-driven Z axis and pneumatic X and Y axes. The X stroke is 11.8 in., the Y stroke is 39.4 in., the Z stroke is 59 in. and the C stroke (wrist action) is 90 deg. This unit has a controller that will store more than 25 different programs and includes palletizing software and a logbook function.

jan01_06.jpgMaximum payload is 3 kg (7 lb), including the gripper system. Take-out time depends on the job, but Johannson says this robot has achieved take-out times of 1.6 sec and an overall cycle time of 8 sec. Price is $18,000.

Remak North America - Hebron, KY

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