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March 4, 1999

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Giving Traffic Jams the Slip

The Carin navigation system fitted in the BMW 5 and 7 series helps the driver find the shortest or most advantageous route to his or her destination. The system works via CD-ROM, on which street maps are stored. After the driver enters the destination, Carin determines the location of the vehicle with the help of a global positioning system (GPS) satellite and then suggests a route. Once the route has been determined, the driver is guided to his or her destination by means of spoken route descriptions and a visual representation of the route ahead.

Carin not only determines the shortest route, but also draws up routes according to the driver's personal prefer-ences. In the event of a traffic jam, the navigation system draws up recommended alternative routes and provides information on the location of the vehicle at the press of a button.

The visible plastic parts of the Carin system are moulded from Bayer AG's Makrolon polycarbonate. The black painted keys are moulded from Makrolon 2805; the corresponding key symbols are printed by laser. The keyboard and monitor frame are made from Makrolon 9415 Z. The Carin system was developed by Philips in cooperation with BMW. Comtec GmbH, Rottenburg a.d. Laaber, Germany, moulds Carin's components.

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Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany
Phone: (49) 214 30 1
Fax: (49) 214 30 89 23

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