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May 1, 2000

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Booth N-6173

Existing Products On Display Various melt filtration systems based on the company's Rotary Technology will be on display, including the RSFgenius (Jul '99 PA, p 14), a fully automatic rotary melt filtration system that is said to meet demands for high quality as well as 24-hour production runs. It is suitable for all plastic materials, including such critical materials as rigid polyvinyl chloride or nylon 6/6.

Features cited by Gneuss include:

* Complete encapsulation: melt and all parts that come into contact with the melt do not come into contact with the air.

* Continuous and process-constant mode of operation: the constant pressure across the filtration system is ± 2 bar.

* Absolute product consistency even during screen changes: there are no dimensional or tolerance variations and no dirt or degraded particles.

* Multiple screen re-use due to a high-pressure segment back-flushing (20 to 200 times, down to 6 µm, with a melt loss of 0.05 to 0.5%). The screen-change cycles range between two and 16 weeks in a four-shift operation.

The systems are also said to provide a high filtration rate. Because of the high-pressure segment back-flushing and the long life of the screen packs, a continuous, quick screen change (filter disk rotation) makes it possible to remove a high quantity of dirt particles, without impairing the process and without operator attention. At the same time, this is said to guarantee a constant pressure level.

The smallest screenchanger in the series, the RSFgenius 90, offers a filtration rate of approx. 0.3 m/hr. The largest size, the RSFgenius 300, offers 1.6 m/hr, which equals approximately 40 m/day. So, this screenchanger type has a screen surface capacity that Gneuss says far exceeds that of other screenchangers.

Also on display will be the HSprimus, a hydraulic screenchanger, which is said to be leak-free up to 800 bar, even with low-viscosity melts and at temperatures to 350 C.

The rheology in the melt channel and in the whole system can be individually adjusted so there are neither dead spots or edges. The dwell time of the melt in the screenchanger is less than 1 min, which means that material or color change can be done quickly.

And finally, the company will show its KSF 175 x 2, a process-constant filtration system designed for compounding and masterbatch. Circle 266

Booth Personnel Daniel Gneuss, Monika Gneuss, Andrew Pra

Key Contact Daniel Gneuss, VP & GM ­ Tel: 704-841-7251; Fax: 704-841-7254;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.gneuss.com 

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