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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-724

npe35.jpgExisting Products On Display A wide range granulators will be on display.

* Robo Series granulators are designed for feeding by sprue picker. Units have a two-speed selector switch for low- or high-speed rotor rpm (200 or 400). A hybrid cutting chamber design combines top drop and tangential feed cutting chamber designs for controlled feeding.

* The FRG1240 open-rotor, 25 hp granulator is for web products; the open rotor design is said to increase air flow for cooler operation. The 24-in. infeed height is claimed to handle 'extraordinary' throughput (1300 lb/hr) for its size, but it fits directly under a thermoformer for automated processing of continuous skeletal web. Throat size is 12 x 40 in.

* The TFG1240 low-profile sheet granulator, shown with a surge hopper, accepts a range of rigid parts such as blow molded containers, hot collapsed parisons and trim. With a rear chute, it accepts door liners and trays, profiles and sheet stock that would normally require pre-cutting. Pits or platforms are not required, as this machine can be fed from the floor. Unit has a 12- x 40-in throat size and horsepower ranging from 20 to 30. Throughputs range from 600 to 800 lb/hr.

* The TFG1212 tangential-feed granulator has front and top feed hoppers for either robot or conveyor feeding. Throat size is 12 by 12 in. and horsepower of 7.5, 10 and 15 are available with throughputs up to 400 lb./hr. Unit accepts tough, bulky parts such as sprues and runners, light sheet, small-diameter pipe and extruded profile or trim.

* The TFG1624 tangential-feed granulator is designed for recycling HDPE, LDPE and PET bottles, polycarbonate water jugs, PET preforms, 5-gal pails and other bulky, blow molded containers. Throat size is 16 x 24 in. and horsepower ranges from 30 to 50. Unit shown has a two-stage conveyor system with an electronic metal detector.

* HD Series granulators, with throat sizes up to 25 x 48 in., handle extra-large bulky items and can be fed manually or via conveyor. Horsepower ranges from 75 to 125 and throughput is up to 10,000 lb/hr, depending on the material.

* LPZ Series low-profile, robot-feed granulators have a two-speed selector switch for low- or high-speed rotor rpm (200 or 400). Throat sizes range from 6 x 6 in. to 12 x 16 in. and horsepower from 3 to 25. A unique hopper design uses no flaps, allowing scrap to fall easily into the cutting chamber while also containing flyback.

* Model 810AM Auger-Matic is designed for automatic recovery of sprues and runners using Granutec's GPS Pick-A-Part Separator. The auger conveys material into the cutting chamber and fits easily under molding machines. Throat sizes range from 6 x 6 in. to 16 x 32 in. and horsepower to 75. Circle 268

Booth Personnel Merritt Tetreault, Thomas Tetreault, Joe Lemelin, Elaine Jussaume, Roger Gardzina, Bob Kasabula

Key Contact Elaine Jussaume, Sales & Mktg. ­ Tel: 508-476-3801; Fax: 508-476-3179;
E-mail: [email protected] 

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