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July 1, 2004

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Gravimetric blending systems

BBS gain-in-weight batch blenders come in three models: the BBS-300, BBS-1000, and the BBS-5000. The BBS-300 offers an economic and durable modular design and provides repeatable accuracy at rates up to 300 lb/hr (136 kg/hr). The unit is designed to blend up to eight ingredients using adjustable vibratory feeders and air-operated slide gates.

The BBS-1000 provides precise weighing and blending of up to eight ingredients including free-flowing pellets, regrind, and flake. The system uses adjustable vibratory feeders on a load-cell suspension system for rates of up to 1000 lb/hr (450 kg/hr). Easy clean out, modular design, and air-operated slide gates are included.

The BBS-5000 offers batch blending with repeatable accuracy. The modular design is said to provide expandability, low maintenance, quick changeovers, and easy cleanout, and can reach throughput rates of up to 5000 lb/hr (2300 kg/hr).

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