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March 1, 2001

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Greaseless Guide Bushings, Pin Vise Added To Line

Mold Components:

Greaseless Guide Bushings,Pin Vise Added To Line

0301pn-3.jpgChoice Mold Components has added self-lubricating ejector guide bushings and a pin vise for sizing the length of ejector pins to its line of mold components.

Greaseless guide bushings are designed to provide extra support in a guided ejection system and can be used in clean rooms. The self-lubricating bushings provide resistance to wear and abrasion, eliminate galling and withstand high mold temperatures to 700 F and fast cycles, according to Choice President, JamesHumes.

Instead of using graphite 'plugs' (where the bushing is drilled and graphite plugs are inserted), Choice's bushings are made of hardened steel that has graphite particles mixed in when the steel is made. This is said to provide the benefits of 'graphite plugged' bushings but to eliminate problems associated with the plugs falling out. The one-piece construction leads to longer bushing life, Humes says.

He adds that these bushings are designed for molders who want to run without having to grease their molds, even intermittently. "If an operator does grease these components, however, machine operation will not be affected."

The bushings come in 3/4-, 7/8-, 1-, 1-1/4- and 1-1/2-in. i.d. Prices start at $28, which is less expensive than plugged bushings, but about 20% more expensive than plain steel bushings.

0301pn-4.jpgPin vise is designed for mold and toolmakers who need to accurately hold and locate ejector pins, sleeves, core pins and small-diameter parts during the machining process. The vise is capable of holding components from 0.032 to 1 in. dia and from 1 to 6 in. in length. Price is $189.

A diamond dressing tool is located on top of the fixture (diamond not included). An adjustable non-ferrous metal stop rest and 'V' clamp with screw are designed to prevent the accumulation of grinding dust on the stop rest and makes removing the 'V' clamp easy during magnetism operations.

For repeatability, the Pin Vise features base holes for risers in four locations. This four-position design is said to provide for overall length upright top grinding, horizontal left and right positions and side wheeling.

The finished surfaces of the vise allow machinists to size the length of the pin by surface grinding and side wheeling. Centering of flats on the pin or on the head is accomplished with the 'V' block located in the center of the two finished side and the 'V' clamp contained between those sides.

Choice Mold Components
Clinton Township, MI

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