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May 1, 2000

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What's Hot! The company has developed a recirculating mix head for spraying polyurethane in reaction injection molding applications. They say the MiniRim spray head is the first recirculating spray mix head designed specifically for open-pour. Until now, processors who wanted to spray polyurethane into a mold had to use a mix head that was an altered version of a mix head designed for pouring. The disadvantage is that the mix head had to be pressure flushed with water between shots, adding to cycle times and creating waste.

The MiniRim spray head has a nozzle mechanism that is engineered to expunge the mixed resins out of the chamber and cavity automatically. In addition, it disperses foam in a wide and even path, covering large areas quickly. The fan spray pattern can be widened or narrowed by the choice of nozzle tip and by adjusting the height of the mix head off the face of the mold. Circle 270

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