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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-11320

What's Hot! Harris will introduce the SCAN-A-MIZER loop control system, a low-cost, non-contact position-sensing system used to monitor the location of the bottom of the loop of plastic web product at accumulators in continuous processes. It also measures width and can be used as an edge guide. Unit is said to be an alternative to scanned laser measurement.

Unit can be positioned to monitor either in-line with the product or across the pass line of the product. It consists of a sensor made up of an emitter, receiver and power supply. The senor has no moving parts, bushings, motors or bearings. Analog output is converted from a digital process by a 12-bit resolution analog converter for easy interfacing to most industrial process controllers.

Existing Products On Display will include the SCAN-A-LINE non-contact measurement and position-sensing system for clear film and other plastics. It is said to be capableof both position sensing and width measurement.

Cool Booth Details Both the SCAN-A-MIZER and SCAN-A-LINE will be demonstrated. Circle 271

Key Contact Gary Saum ­ Tel: 740-369-3580; Fax: 740-369-2653;
Web Site: www.harris-instrument.com 

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