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December 1, 2006

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High-density grade milks dairy market

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is the only material which can successfully package all three typically purchased milk types—pasteurized, ultrahigh temperature, and sterilized. In Europe, the market is approximately 30 billion L/yr but total consumption is declining by about 0.7%/yr. To help stop the trend, innovative dairy bottlers are turning to B6246, a homopolymer blowmolding grade, to provide attractive container options that offer more point-of-purchase appeal. It can be thin-walled to help improve production speed and reduce resin use. It has a melt flow rate of 0.50 g/10 min at 190°C and 2.16 kg. Tensile modulus is 1300 MPa and Izod notched impact strength at room temperature is rated at 13 kJ/m2. It has low batch-to-batch variation. For ultrahigh-temperature milk packaging which requires a three-layer structure (white/black/white) bottle for UV light barrier, B6246 can be easily colored with food grade masterbatch. Besides milk, it is suitable for packaging yoghurt and fruit juices, and can even be extruded for profiles and corrugated pipes. Sabic Europe, Sittard, Netherlands; +31 46 4767000; www.sabic-europe.com

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