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September 1, 2001

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High-Intensity Units Available In Sizes From 4 To 2000 Liters

September, 2001


High-Intensity Units Available In Sizes From 4 To 2000 Liters

0901pn-2.jpgMerlin Process Equipment, formerly Henschel Mixers America, has a new line of high-intensity mixers that are manufactured completely in the U.S. FM Series mixers are said to be ideal for mixing dry materials of varying particle size, as well as formulas that have some ingredients in small amounts.

A fluidized vortex mixing pattern is said to allow all particles to move freely regardless of size, density or coefficient of friction. It is also said to provide cycle times typically less than 60 sec. Thishigh speed also allows FM Series mixers to de-agglomerate and disperse additives and pigments while at the same time providing for a certain amount of size reduction. This is because the mixer has the ability to frictionally elevate the temperature of the material being mixed by controlling the tip speed of the mixing blades and/or adding a jacket to the mixing vessel.

Mixers come in sizes from 4 to 2000 liters; a variety of mixing tools is available for different applications. Please contact the firm for pricing. You'll find contact information in our Key Contact Directory on p 70.

Merlin Process Equipment, Inc.

Houston, TX Circle 107

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