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August 23, 2008

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High-speed machining for prototypes, electrodes

TNP_Datron_ac.jpgWith an optional 60,000-rpm spindle and a base price of $55,000, a new high-speed machining center promises fast throughputs at an economical price. The M35 Aluminator has a large bed and uses oil-free coolants for 3-D moldmaking, rapid prototyping, and EDM graphite electrode production.

A unique modular pallet design allows quick work-piece changeovers by using a vacuum to hold templates and pallets in a fixed position. The company reports that setup time in some instances dropped from an average of 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

The M35?s bed size (40 by 27 inches) and machining area (40 by 27 by 8 inches) accommodate a knockout area so vertical clamping or continuous beds can be used. In spite of the generous machining area, the overall footprint is reportedly small and the M35 uses 208V single-phase power.

If moldmakers opt for the high-speed 60,000-rpm spindle, they can process material at 400 in/min on all axes with an accuracy of ±.0004 inch and a ±.00006-inch resolution. This is made possible by the machine?s rigid bridge-style design, steel construction, and polymer-concrete bed.

The digital servodrives on the M35 monitor resistance to prevent damage if loads exceed parameters and the ballscrews and guideways are protected by never being allowed to move beyond the work envelope.Look-ahead buffers, diagnostic features, and a smoothing program are included in the Windows Pentium-powered control with handheld pendant.Datron Dynamics Inc.

Milford, NH; (603) 672-8890

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