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January 1, 2004

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High-speed traverse robots

PF_PPE_traverse1.gifThe TA series of high-speed, automatic takeout traverse robots have a 7.8-second total dry cycle time and are designed to work with machines in the 60- to 250-ton range. For a low-ceiling facility, a two-step descending device is used for part and sprue takeout.

The robots have a compact, handheld Palm Pendant LED control. It?s said to be easy to learn, and stores up to 99 preprogrammed mold setups for quick changeover times. Digital set timers match motion to the injection machine cycle. The robot manual covers unpacking, installation, wiring, testing, programming, motion patterns, and troubleshooting.

The aluminum extrusion frame is lightweight and rigid. Lubrication-free cylinders and bearings are said to be virtually maintenance free. The pneumatic systems and a-c servomotors used in the running, deceleration, and kick axis ensure precise positioning. There are six models, ranging from the single-arm TASI Series to the double-arm TADI Series. Both come with 90° wrist action and end-of-arm vacuum tooling. There are three-axis controls on the TASI models and five-axis controls on the TADI models.

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