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September 1, 2003

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High speed, vibration-free sprue picker

The Model W602 sprue picker offers vibration-free operation even at the vertical arm?s highest speeds, and greater stability for the kick stroke than previous designs. The speed increase of the vertical arm is due to the new maintenance-free guiding system, which requires no lubrication of the bushing or guide tube. The sprue picker has a microprocessor-controlled pneumatic vertical shock absorber to further eliminate vibrations of the arm during descent. Standard features include an adjustable pivot axis between 45 to 95°, and simple changeover of the removal arm from rear side to operator side placement. The vertical arm comes in stroke lengths of 500 or 700 mm and is adjustable over the entire stroke. A locking cylinder prevents the arm from drifting down into the mold in the event of air-pressure loss. A 90° tooling rotation is standard and is performed when the arm is pivoted to the placement side. The swivel base allows rotation of the arm behind the fixed platen for mold changes, and a locating pin allows precise repositioning of the arm for part removal. The sprue picker has the same easy-to-use interface with LCD display as the previous model, is teachable, and has no limitations for future part- or sprue-removal applications. Four program sequences are preset for easy setup of frequently used motion sequences.

Wittmann Inc., Torrington, CT; (860) 496-9603

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