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July 1, 2005

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Honeycomb dryers come in pairs

Continuous desiccant rotor technology, which Comet refers to as a honeycomb dryer, is named after the honeycomb-like appearance of the continuous rotor. The company shipped what are reportedly the world?s largest honeycomb dryers ever built by any company for a plastic processor. The two large, model HCD 3000 dryers went to a nonwoven PET processor with leading positions in hygiene, medical, technical, and industrial markets. They are rated for a throughput of 3000 lb/hr of PET. In testing and run-off, these Honeycomb Dryers were able to provide a constant dewpoint as low as -85°F (-65°C) without fluctuations in temperature or dewpoint typically associated with desiccant dryers. This revolutionary technology was able to bring the PET within a final moisture content of less than 20 ppm in 3 hours of drying time versus the 300 ppm that the customer was achieving with a popular desiccant-carousel dryer after 6 hours of drying time.

This reduction in moisture content increased the processor?s throughput by 30% by reducing moisture normally vented from the barrels of their extruders. These dryers are said to yield an overall production increase of over 100,000 lb of final product per five-day week. The Honeycomb Dryer is useful for PET applications because of clear savings versus desiccant dryers.

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