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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-14431

What's Hot! Hotset Corp., just last month announced that they had partnered with PSG Corporation of Germany, to be the exclusive providers of PSG's HRS series of Hotrunner Control Systems here in the United States. They will be featured in the booth.

Hotset has not only taken over sales but will also be available to service any company that currently has any of the PSG Hotrunner Control Systems. Some of the features claimed for the HRS series include:

User-friendly operations for 8, 16, 24 or 32 control zones. Easy-to-read information displays. State of the art operating technology: self-controlled optimizing of operation parameters through MAControl. Time controlled, fully automatic start-up and choke function to evaporate humidity in the heating elements and to warm up the meld after start-up.

Also new in the booth is a new heating element, Hotslot, is based on principals and technologies developed over 40 years of manufacturing coil heaters. The element can be pressed into a tailor-made slot of brass plating. The contour of the slot can assume virtually any shape, making it possible to leave openings and bores to achieve the optimal distribution of heating power. Minimum thickness of the slot is just 2 mm; customer can choose exit position and options. Hotslot can operate at up to 1135 F and has a surface load of up to 96 w/in.

Existing Products On Display include coil heaters, cartridge heaters and the HotFlex, fully bendable tubular heater and thermocouples. Circle 167

Booth Personnel Carey Widener, Stan Buford, Eric Burtrum and Shawn Kingery

Key Contact Carey Widener-- Tel:1-800-937-4681; Fax: 616-964-4526; 
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.hotset.com

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