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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-10147 

What's Hot! IMS will introduce two new repair services and an equipment leasing option, as well as a range of new products. In all, nearly 40 new molding accessories will be on display.

* Use the IMS Granulator Blade Resharpening Service to resharpen your blades instead of replacing them. IMS says it can repair any length and any style, from any manufacturer.

* The IMS Machinery Repair Service will recondition older granulators, dryers, circulators and temperature controllers to perform like new, at considerably less than the cost of purchasing new equipment. This service includes a free evaluation and an approved quotation before any work is done.

* The IMS Equipment Leasing Option is a new way for customers to pay for their equipment. Once credit is approved, customers can use the equipment and make timely payments. IMS offers several types of leases including a 'Lease-to-Own' option, where customers have the option to purchase the equipment for $1.

* The S-Band heater band makes use of new technology. Bands are constructed with the same mica insulation encased in steel as IMS' Value bands, but the S-Bands are made with one seam instead of two. Having fewer seams reduces the chance of plastic leaking into the band and contaminating it.

* Top-Feed Granulator Hoppers have a top-feed option, as well as a side-feed option, so they can be easily fed by robots. The robot can drop parts and scrap into the feed throat through a chute on the top of the granulator. Crowning on the chute helps guide the material and prevent spillage. The feed throat has been constructed with baffling to prevent plastic pieces from flying out of the open top.

* IMS Gas Assist Nozzles and accessories are said to improve overall part quality and dimensional stability. Processors use less material to fill molds and quicker part filling and packing increases part density and quality, minimizing part warpage.

* Screw Tip Wrenches are said to be ideal for screw tip removal and to help eliminate damage caused by other removal methods. The adjustable tool is designed to fit up to a 3-in. body diameter and can be used for 3-, 4- and 5-fluted screw tips, making the wrench compatible with hundreds of screw tip sizes.

* ROUT-A-BURR Deflashing Tools come with a wide selection of handles, blade holders and blades. All blades are adjustable and rotate a full 360 deg for both internal and external part deflashing.

Cool Booth Details IMS will display every sort of molding accessory imaginable. Everything from safety signs to granulators will be readily available for visitors to closely handle and examine. All will be installed on, or arranged around, a full-size mock molding machine to help visitors visualize how products might be set up in their own shops. Circle 278

Booth Personnel Brad Morse, Jayne Morse, Mark George, Ray Goyette, Bob Chester, Glen Hise, Pat Fox, Steve Martini, Neil Fawcett, Terry Vodicka

Key Contact Pat Fox, Cust. Service Mgr. ­ Tel: 800-537-5375 or 440-543-1615; Fax: 800-288-6900 or 440-543-1069;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.imscompany.com 

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