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IMS introduces two new temperature control modules

May 1, 2006

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IMS introduces two new temperature control modules

IMS Co. is introducing two new microprocessor-based, closed-loop 15-amp temperature control modules for precise, dependable control of probes and heaters. Both new models (UATC-20 and S20-D3C) are compatible with industry standard control housings. The UATC-20 is ideal for hot runner systems, and the S20-D3C is said to deliver good performance and carry an economical price tag. The UATC-20 is priced at $225, and includes an output power percentage on the LED display. Also included are a ground-fault indicator, a second LED setpoint display, electronic setpoint control, and standby and boost keys. Designed for use with type "J" or "K" thermocouples, both models operate in automatic or manual mode and feature new, advanced antiarcing circuitry to help prevent accidental module damage. Other new features include an open triac/heater indicator, over-current indicator, advanced automatic soft start, and blown-fuse indicators. IMS Co., Chagrin Falls, OH, USA; +1 440-543- 1615; www.imscompany.com

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