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In-line polymer melt viscosity sensor

September 1, 2000

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In-line polymer melt viscosity sensor

60.jpgIn-line polymer melt viscosity sensor-The VS1000 ViscoSensor is said to bethe smallest (17 x 8 in.) return-stream instrument of its kind. The cost-effective sensor (price is around $35,000) usesa patent-pending 'pipe within a pipe' annular transfer system to removeand return molten material to the process.

It is also easy to install; it fits right into a single M18 pressure transducer port, from which material enters the ViscoSensor and exits back to the process. This 'zero discharge' system means the melt sample is returned to the process, eliminating waste.

The unit consists of two parts: the measuring head, which connects directly to the process, and the control unit. The controller manages system test parameters, such as temperature and pressure, and provides outputs of the measured variables for communication to distributed control systems.

The ViscoSensor can be used to generate shear rate-versus-viscosity data orto generate continuous ASTM meltindex data. By providing an automated rheological measurement of a material as it is being processed, the unit becomes a quality control tool. 

61.jpgHot-tack/heat-seal sensor-For the flexible packaging industry, Dynisco Polymer Test showed its new Hot Tack/Heat Seal Tester (HTT), which can also be configured to perform ultimate strength and peel strength tests. The company is so sure of this product that it guarantees that the test results of hot tack peel strength, when the unit is configured,calibrated and operated as recommended, will be within 5% of the average test results from similar units.

Operation of the unit is automatic. The HTT measures die temperature to 0.1 deg resolution and 0.2° C accuracy with individually calibrated platinum RTD sensors.

The control band is ± 0.2 C. The timing circuits are said to be accurate to ± 2milliseconds. These include measurement of dwell time during the sealing cycle, cooling time during hot tack measurement and control timing of the various operations comprising specimen insertion and withdrawal. Dynisco says otherelectronic hot tack machines measure and control only up to ± 25 milliseconds. 

Dynisco Polymer Test
Morgantown, PA

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