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December 1, 2001

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Industrial Scanner Provides Cross Machine Scanning Measurement

December, 2001


Industrial Scanner Provides Cross Machine ScanningMeasurement

1201k-6.jpgEurotherm Gauging Systems introduced the Mark III industrial scanner for use with its CIMLine and System 21 on-line sensors for measurement and control for sheet and film processors (Apr '99 PA, p 24).

The Mark III features 'unibody' construction with a 3/8-in. thick tubular steel structure that is said to provide stability while isolating the scanning hardware and electronics from the environment. It also eliminates the potential for contaminates to drop from the scanner onto the web.

Unit also incorporates Thompson bearings and rails for smooth action and simplified maintenance. The sensor drive employs steel-reinforced timing belts for durability and precision.

A distributed scanner processor inside the scanner frame provides local processing of all data acquisition and scanning functions. An Ethernet network connects the scanning frame and sensors with the operator workstation and other third-party devices for exchange of product/process data and control.

Eurotherm Gauging
Systems, Inc.
Billerica, MA Circle 109

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