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May 1, 2000

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Existing Products On Display Company will display a range of ceramic infrared heating elements. Units have a Kanthal-type resistance wire embedded within a slip-cast ceramic body. The ceramic medium absorbs and then radiates 96% of its medium- to long-wave infrared energy in a pattern designated by the design of the heater. This differs from the traditional metal-sheathed and quartz tube heaters by emitting more energy efficiently, over a wider range.

Ceramic heaters are said to be a cross between metal-sheathed and quartz, being more fragile than metal, but much more resilient to breakage than quartz. Another differentiating feature of ceramics is the ability to clean their non-corrosive surface

The biggest advantage cited for ceramic heaters in the plastics industry is the ability for zone control of small areas. High-tech thermoforming of detailed shapes, using high-index plastics, requires complex heating patterns and precise control. Each ceramic heater, down to the smallest size, can be individually controlled to provide the most intricate heating profile. Circle 282

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