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September 1, 2001

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Inline Magnets Designed To Protect Vacuum Systems

September, 2001

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Inline Magnets Designed To Protect Vacuum Systems

0901pn-10.jpgTorpedo Inline Magnets from Bunting Magnetics can be installed in lines between Gaylords and vacuum loaders to protect equipment from ferrous fines. They are said to have a streamlined, compact design so they can fit where overhead space is limited. They have quick-release fittings that clamp directly into flexible vacuum hoses, where the Torpedo's rare earth magnet can capture ferrous contaminants.

The torpedo-shaped cartridge magnet is housed in a stainless steel casing and directs theproduct flow around the magnet. The magnet's downstream end contains an active magneticpole that separates magnetic particles and allows the tramp metal to 'hide,' preventingthe captured contaminants from being swept back into theproduct stream.

To release the contaminants, the unit has a quick-release, tri-clamp fitting that snaps open to separate the two halves of the casing, exposing the collection end of the cartridge, which can then be wiped clean.

Torpedo magnets come in line sizes of 1-1/2, 2 and 2-1/2 in. Prices are $301, $325 and $392, respectively.

Bunting Magnetics Co.
Newton, KS Circle 105

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