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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-13803

What's Hot! The new Insol/Ichikoh TA-Series of three-stage robots have reactractable arms and a vertical speed of 3200 mm/sec. All axes are driven by an 'absolute' servo system and accuracy is rated to within 0.05 m. They also feature all-steel construction for rigidity and long life.

These robots are said to be ideal for insert molding and demolding. They will also be on display in the Mitsubishi and Ube Machinery booths. Circle 183

Booth Personnel Greg Smith, Aisaburo Ishida, Keith Botkins

Key Contact Greg Smith, Pres. ­ Tel: 502-633-0489; Fax: 502-633-9915;
Web Site: www.insol-ky.com 

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