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Operating automated production cells doesn't always have to be rocket science, as KraussMaffei recently demonstrated at the K Show in Düsseldorf. Its new MC6 control system for integrating the robot user interface into the machine control system is "straightforward and intuitively designed," said Frank Peters, VP of sales at KraussMaffei.

Karen Laird

October 28, 2013

2 Min Read
K 2013: KraussMaffei MC6 control system now offers animated simulation

The WizardX and VisuX programming and operating wizards integrated into the MC6 control system considerably simplify the programming and operation of the robots in complex automated production cells. The WizardX programming wizard enables error-free program code to be generated even by operators with no knowledge of programming. The advantage of automatic programming is that it eliminates the laborious and time-consuming task of troubleshooting program code. In Expert mode, the automatically generated program code can be modified and adapted by users, provided they have a sufficient knowledge of programming.

The VisuX operating wizard provides the operator with all the necessary information, neatly grouped and presented over a small number of pages, enabling the operator to diagnose the current manufacturing process at any time and make any necessary adjustments.

An optional feature of the MC6 machine control system, presented at K for the first time, is the new tool for simulating production lines, which enables users to visualize complete production processes, as well as individual processes such as part demolding, on the computer. This can be useful when deciding on the choice of production process, but also when commissioning a production line as it can be used during the preliminary stages to check the processes between machine and automation and to simulate expansion options. It is optionally available as an animated simulation in the form of a PDF file.

The MC6 control system has been designed to enable operators to work quickly and efficiently, without having to go through extensive training to master the technology. The new split screen ensures that operators always have an overview of all key processes.

Programming and operating industrial robots can be a complicated, time-consuming process. The MC6 control system, which comes with a resistive touch screen that can be operated with gloves, illustrates how an intuitive, interactive solution can save time and costs by reducing errors in programming and operating automated manufacturing cells.

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