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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-2932

npe41.jpgExisting Products On Display The RIM-Star Plus polyurethane metering system features an all-in-one frame that incorporates all sub-systems, including day tanks, metering systems and electrical controls. The newly designed day tank puts the heat exchangers inside the tank, which is said to result in 'superior' chemical temperature control. The new electrical control system has high-speed data highway interconnections, as well as the new PUC-07 data acquisition system.

The PUC-07 is said to be capable of controlling up to 16 different components simultaneously, including dispensing, flow and mixing head control, tolerance parameters, data acquisition and fault/events logging. It is compatible with various PLC brands and can be integrated into a factory network in support of JIT production.

The RIM-Star Plus display will include the GBE 2000 gas addition nucleation unit and a range of V-design mixing heads. The GBE 2000 provides CO2, air or nitrogen to urethane components to improve molded part quality and to aid in mold cavity filling.

And finally, the StarTrac automated overhead mold handling system will also be on display. Circle 293

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