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Largest single-screw extruder, again

January 1, 2006

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Largest single-screw extruder, again

The KE800x12D melt-fed single-screw extruder is the second single-screw extruder with a screw diameter of 800 mm from this builder, reportedly matching the company?s 2001 world record when it delivered the largest single-screw extruder ever built worldwide. The extruder was built to incorporate basic additives into LDPE melt as well as subsequent pelletizing of the LDPE material. The line also includes a masterbatch single-screw extruder and an underwater pelletizer. The line provides throughput rates of up to 73 tons/hr.

The company?s single-screw extruders are typically used for the removal of volatile substances in the manufacture of polyethylene (LDPE homo- and copolymers). The degassing process takes place under vacuum, so degassing of the plastic pellets in a silo is unnecessary. This removes the hydrocarbon-contaminated silo exhaust stream and satisfies demands in terms of environmental protection and energy saving. The extruders can also be used as a pump to build up pressure for pelletizing. With their high pump capacity and comparatively small power loss that is converted into heat, the extruders can achieve throughput rates of 40 tons/hr or more.

Berstorff, Florence, KY
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