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May 1, 2000

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What's Hot! The company has improved its Varimat automatic welding machine for roofing membranes. This compact unit weighs only 44 lb and features a simultaneous digital display of 'Set' and 'Actual' value of the welding speed and temperature. A microprocessor controller provides additional options. Temperature and welding speed are electronically controlled, independent of variations in the main voltage. The air volume is steplessly adjustable between 50 and 100%.

The unit also features an integrated automatic starter, a radial transmission and is capable of acheiving welding seam widths of 20, 40, 80, 100 and 120 mm.

Also new is the electronically controlled WeldMax miniature hand extruder, which requires no additional booster and weighs only 6 lb. The changeable PTFE welding shoe allows for all types of welds, including double fillet, overlay, 'V' and double 'V.' It can be used with such materials as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PPS and PVC.

Existing Products On Display The company will also demonstrate its Modulas C and Modulas S laser welding systems (Jun '99 PA, p 25). These units can be used for welding such products as automotive headlights, fittings and tanks; sensors and electronics (i.e., electronic keys, plugs, housings); and 'micro' applications such as biochips, pumps, motors and valves.

The Modulas C system allows for the welding of parts with all types of welding geometries by moving a laser beam (spot) along the weld line. The two pieces are joined sequentially.

Modulas S allows for the simultaneous joining of two parts, whereby a specially shaped laser beam illuminates the entire weld line at the same time. Motion between the parts to be welded and the beam is not necessary. Circle 181

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