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Line allows cost effective vinyl film production

January 1, 2006

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Line allows cost effective vinyl film production

As an alternative to a large-sized calenders for PVC film production, this equipment manufacturer is offering two sizes of its redesigned Calandrette for small to medium-sized batches. The total line includes a two-set extruder consisting of a planetary-gear extruder and a discharge unit with die. It has a polishing stack, haul-off, chill rolls, thickness gauge, edge-trimming and central cutting devices, and dual turret winder. The core of a line is a 3-roll polishing stack, the Calandrette.

For production of transparent and opaque hard and semi-hard vinyl sheet in thickness from 100-800 µm, the smaller model, C3.1, provides a roll width of 1200 mm and output of up to 600 kg/h. Its larger sister, the C8.0, offers 1900-mm roll width and an output of 1300 kg/h. Film from 80-800 µm can be produced, for example, for pharmaceutical packaging. The manufacturer says that compared to a conventional calender, the Calandrette is lower priced in initial investment, easier to handle, and peripheral equipment tends to be cheaper. The complete line can be assembled on one level, which improves accessibility. The supporting stand also facilitates handling as it is tilted at an angle of 60 degrees. The nip of the 3-roll polishing stack is adjustable hydraulically. Both roll bending and ax crossing are two separate functions so that a stable roll nip and quality can be consistently maintained. Battenfeld Extrusiontechnik GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany; +49 5731 2420; www.bex.battenfeld.com

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