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March 1, 2001

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Lip Treatment Reduces Melt Fracture

Blown Film Dies:

Lip TreatmentReduces Melt Fracture

Brampton Engineering has developed NoFrac, a proprietary lip treatment that is said to reduce or eliminate
melt fracture on blown film linesby reducing the shear rate andfriction of the lips. It is also saidto reduce back pressure build-up onthe die.

The company says that blown film producers usually try to solve the melt fracture problem by reducing output, increasing lip temperature or by using processing aids. After a year of field testing, Brampton says that NoFrac provides savings in processing aids, reduces downtime for lip cleaning and eliminates the use of 2%PPA. One customer reportedly saved around $40,000 in one year by not having to purchase PPA at $0.78/lb.

NoFrac lip sets are available on the company's dies as an option. They can also be retrofit on any Brampton Engineering die. The company asks that you contact them directly for pricing information. Use the Key Contact Directory on p 39.

Brampton Engineering
Brampton, Ontario

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