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April 1, 2001

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Loss-In-Weight Feeder/Blender And Railcar Unloader Added To Line

April, 2001

Materials Handling:

Loss-In-WeightFeeder/BlenderAnd Railcar Unloader AddedTo Line

0401pn-9.jpgPremier Pneumatics has added two new products to its line of materials handling equipment: a gravimetric loss-in-weight version of its ProRate and ProRate II feeders and the Airslide railcar unloading system.

Please contact the company directly for pricing information (check out the Key Contact Directory on p 35).

Gravimetic feeder handles pellets and regrind. It is said to be a 'true' loss-in-weight feeder, because each material and its feeder are continuously weighed with a load cell assembly. The feed auger's speed is continuously adjusted to maintain the desired feed rate, even when the material's bulk density changes. This eliminates the need for calibration.

Unit has a new controller that controls one to eight feeders at the same time, providing a capacity range from 1 to 25,000 lb/hr. Recipe selection, storage and editing is said to be easy; the operator can enter recipe material rates or blend percentages without calculations. Inventory and usage data can be displayed or sent to a printer. 

0401pn-10.jpgRailcar unloading system is said to allow for fast, controlled unloading of powdered, granulated and pelletized materials from airslide railcars. Unit is portable and can be controlled by one operator. It is balanced on two pneumatic wheels for easy movement and fits tightly against car outlets. Four connecting clamps then hold the unit in place for a positive seal.

Unit is equipped with two Premier BT Aerolock rotary valves and can handle from 6000 to 52,000 lb/hr, depending on the material. Both Aerolocks have removable covers and a 3/4 hp 230/460 v, 60-cycle motor.

The Airslide Car Unloader also has a built-in air manifold that distributes air to both the railcar and airslide inlets. 

Premier Pneumatics, Inc. 
Salina, KS

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