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August 23, 2008

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Low-cost central dryer

NP_Motan_ac.gifBuilt with the reliability and performance of its predecessors but at a lower cost, a new central dryer is the first in an updated line of low-cost material processing equipment. The Luxor 200S central dryer from Motan uses a stationary, twin-desiccant tower design that is tailor made to operate with Motan?s proprietary ETA central drying bins. Motan says this setup allows resin drying with less energy consumption. The system provides central drying to processors without higher cost control options like data trending. Despite its no-frills design, the Luxor 200S still comes with commercial PLC control, audible and visual alarm indication, and safety features like airflow indication sensors and lockable main-power disconnect. Optional upgrades include a dewpoint monitor, automatic operation timers, and aftercoolers.

Motan Inc., Plainwell, MI
(800) 991-9921; www.motan.com

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