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December 1, 2000

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Low-Cost Sensors Address Metal Detection, Safety Issues

Low-Cost Sensors Address Metal Detection,Safety Issues

7.jpgBalluff is marketing two new, low-cost lines of sensors: one for metal detection and one for laser positioning.

Inductive sensors Proxicom inductive sensors are said to let users matchsensor to application without wasting money on capabilities that would be overkill for typical metal detection capabilities. Prices start at $39.

These units are said to be ideal for metal detection on machine tools and assembly lines, in addition to plastics processing equipment. They are available in threaded stainless steel or nickel-plated brass housings, in sizes from M8 to M30 and sensing distances from 1.5 to 15 mm.

They are totally encapsulated and available in connector and PVC cable versions, with flush or non-flush mounting and PNP or NPN output configurations. Each sensor also has an LED, which indicates output is 'on' to help speed set-up.

Sensors are IP67-rated and powered by 24 v dc. They work in temperatures ranging from -25 to 70 C.

8.jpgLaser position sensor The 18K series of laser positionsensors is reportedly the first complete sensor line to have Class 1 rating per EN 60825-1, which guarantees safety in all applications and eliminates the need for beam termination, according to Balluff. Accidental eye contact with the beam is not a problem.

These 18 mm tubular sensors use a 650 nm red laser andare available in all popularsensing modes: diffuse, retroreflective and thru-beam. Diffuse versions have a range to 300 mm and resolution to 0.5 mm for applications requiring higher accuracy at short distances. For longer range applications, polarized retroreflective versions are available with range to 12 meters and resolution to 1 mm, while thru-beam versions extend range to 50 meters and resolutionto 2.5 mm.

Response time is rated at 333 msec and switching frequency at 1.5 kHz. Typical applications include assembly and packaging lines.

These lasers operate on 10 to 30 v dc and are housed in ABS sealed to IP67. They are also available with a four-pole M12 connector. Sensitivity is adjustable via potentiometer. Status LEDs confirm output function and signal stability.

Price is $190, "far less than the closest competitor," says Balluff's Tom Rosenberg. Circle 108

Balluff Inc.
Florence, KY

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