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January 1, 2003

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Low-dewpoint, twin-bed desiccant dryers

product_jan_02 (10K)GS Series dryers are designed for molders who want quick startup as well as quick shipping capabilities. These are low-dewpoint, twin-bed desiccant dryers. The user interface allows an operator to rapidly set up and start the drying process. The unit includes a seven-day clock, material-saver functions, and an optional dewpoint meter.

All components are easily accessible and the units can be used beside the machine or mounted on a portable frame and beam stand.

The TSC drying hopper is all stainless steel, with a solid cone and seamless interior. The drying system is also available with a dry-air conveying package to efficiently transport all dried resin. Depending on the resin, the drying capacity ranges from 20 to 250 lb/hr. Drying temperatures range from 140 to 350F.

Universal Dynamics, Woodbridge, VA
(703) 491-2191

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