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November 1, 2003

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Low-gassing pbt for car headlamp bezels

Arnite XL is said to offer exceptional resistance to outgassing at high temperatures, dimensional stability, and the capability to be vacuum-metallized without painting. It is an alternative to other engineering thermoplastics that have produced fogging on headlamp lenses when used for bezels. Rob Evans, general product manager for Arnite at DSM Engineering Plastics, says the grade was developed in collaboration with a customer that needed not only the cited properties but also good flow. It will be commercial on two platforms by the end of the year and more will follow in 2004. "Where customers have traditionally had unique application requirements for polycarbonate, nylon 66, and PBT, they can now consolidate their demand into one grade, which meets all of their combined requirements," he says. It took just three months to go from problem identification to pilot production. DSM Engineering Plastics, Poststraat 1, 6130 AA Sittard, The Netherlands www.dsmep.com

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