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May 1, 2001

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Low-Profile Belt Conveyors: 'Wider, Longer, Faster, Stronger'

May, 2001

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Low-Profile Belt Conveyors: 'Wider, Longer, Faster, Stronger'

0501/pn-7The400 Series of heavy-duty, low-profile belt conveyors from Q.C. Industriesfeatures widths to 60 in., lengths to 100 ft, load carrying capacities to 1000lb and speeds to 2000 ft/min. According to Chris Round, Q.C.'s MarketingManager, these conveyors have a slightly deeper frame and larger pulleydiameter, compared to the company's typical low-profile units. "This givesus the ability to move heavier loads, increase speed and offer longerlengths," he says.

Units are available in standard, corrosion-resistant, wash-down and magnetic versions. Quick belt changes are achieved without having to remove the drive packages or side rails. In addition, the conveyors have tight belt-to-frame ratios (0.72 in./side), which provides pinch point protection and saves floor space.

"Many of the larger conveyors have huge belt-to-frame ratios, which increases safety concerns. They have 6- and 7-in. drum rollers and huge drivers. Because of the small belt-to-frame ratios on our 400 Series conveyors, they don't have the pinch points other conveyors have. And the frame is only 3 in. deep, which is much less than the 6- to 10-in. deep frames other conveyor manufactures offer."

The drive package consists of a heavy-duty timing belt and pulley design, which is said to provide a range of belt speeds, as well as quiet operation. Drive bearings are self-aligning and equipped with seals and grease fittings for lubrication while the conveyor is running. That means no downtime during maintenance, according to the company.

A self-tracking 'V' guide thermally welded tothe belt is optional. The standard frame is made of 10-gage steel that is lasercut, formed and powder-coated. A variety of belting is available, includingcleated, static-conductive, FDA/USDA-approved, high-temperature, cut-resistant,chemical-resistant, high- and low-friction.

Standard and custom side rails, guide rails, stands, mounts, gear motors and other accessories are optional. Pricing is done on an application-by-application basis, says Round. He does say, however, that these are 'high-end' conveyors. You should check prices directly using our Key Contact Directory, p 39.

Q.C. Industries Inc.
Batavia, OH

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