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November 1, 2001

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Low-Profile Conveyors Feature Plastic Belts

November, 2001


Low-Profile Conveyors Feature Plastic Belts

1101pn-6.jpgDorner's MPB Series low-profile conveyors feature various types of plastic belts to accommodate requirements for accumulation, wet applications, hot and cold processes and applications requiring cut- and chemical-resistant materials. Closed top and 26% open mesh versions of the belt are included.

The belt for accumulation applications is made of a blend of acetal and fluorocarbon. It is FDA-approved and is available in flat, cleated and sidewall-cleated versions. It can handle application temperatures to 180 F.

For applications involving high-temperature (up to 375 F) products, a nylon belt is available in flat and cleated versions.

The chemical-resistant belt is available in flat, sidewall and cleated versions and can withstand many chemicals such as bleach and acid. It is designed for applications up to 220 F.

A static-conductive belt for electronics applications is said to meet ESD standards for Class II type charges. This polypropylene belt is available in flat and cleated versions and is designed for temperatures up to 180 F.

MPB conveyors are available in lengths from 2 to 30 ft and in widths of 3.75, 6, 12, 18 and 24 in. They can accommodate weights of 50 to 150 lb and can operate at speeds up to 250 ft/min.

Design features include rack-and-pinion tensioning, which is said to provide quick belt take-up and enable belt removal and change in about 5 min. T-slot mounting of guides and accessories enables easy modification of the conveyor to meet changing needs.

Pricing varies depending on size and belt type so please contact the company directly for additional information (check out the Key Contact Directory on p 42).

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Hartland, WI Circle 102

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