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Low-profile granulator for optical media sprues

May 1, 2002

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Low-profile granulator for optical media sprues

NP_Conair.jpgOptical-disk producers looking to reprocess sprues generated during CD and DVD molding can turn to a press-side unit for inline granulation. The new CD granulator measures only 24.5 by 9.5 by 16.5 inches, which allows it to be easily placed near machines. The low-profile system also uses a staggered rotor design for granulation.

The cutting chamber accepts materials via a tangential feed and uses replaceable cassette knives that are aligned on a slant to produce a scissor-like cutting action. Throughput is increased with the staggered rotor, which makes more cuts per revolution than rotors with conventional full-width blades. This design also reportedly reduces jamming or shearing. The manufacturer says the regrind could be metered directly into virgin material for reprocessing.

The CD granulator is designed to operate in a cleanroom and uses a sealed, stainless steel cutting chamber that eliminates contamination. The unit's oversized bearings are designed to handle heavy shock loads experienced when processing large sprues. Air pulses remove dust and particles from the bearing and are controlled by a solenoid to adjust their frequency and duration. The CD granulator costs approximately $5500.

The Conair Group Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 312-6000

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