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September 1, 2001

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Low-Profile Timing Belt Conveyor Is Said To Be 'Smart'

September, 2001

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Low-Profile Timing BeltConveyor Is Said ToBe 'Smart'

0801pn-31.jpgThe Smart Conveyor is QC Industries' latest low-profile conveyor. According to Marketing Manager Chris Round, the unit can reach speeds up to 2000 ft/min and features custom-molded cleats to hold a particular part. The design is claimed to be ideal for precision indexing, high cycle start/stop, rapid cycling, synchronous movement, ramping up and down, reversing, elevating and side exiting applications.

A unique belt characteristic is the nylon-coated belt carcass, which is said to provide for quieter operation. The conveyor also offers a self-tracking feature using 'V'-guided belts and pulleys. These timing belts are steel- or Kevlar-reinforced to offer high load-carrying capacities, reduced stretch and allow for precision cleat placement and a positive non-slip timing belt carcass.

These conveyors come in widths up to 18 in. and lengths up to 24 ft. Additional features: 10 gage powder-coated steel frame (can be color matched to customer specification) and self-aligning drive bearings equipped with slingers and seals for lubrication without removing the drive package.

Belt tensioning is achieved with calibration marks on the tail shaft and pulley-mounting block. With this design, Round says belts can be changed in 5 min by rotating setscrews and removing the belt. Drive removal is not necessary. Rapid adjustable guides, conveyor mounts and support stands are standard. They are also available in washdown and metric versions. Stepper motors and servo drives arePLC-programmable.

Prices are quoted on a case-by-case basis, so contact the company directly by using the Key Contact Directory on p 70.

QC Industries LLC
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