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March 1, 2007

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Low-volume dryers need little maintenance

For throughputs of less than 50 lb/hr, SlimLine dryers are said to provide a compact, reliable, easy-to-use dryer starting at $1775. The largest unit in the product line is 47 inches tall (including the built-in hopper), 15 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and weighs 107 lb. The dryers reportedly use less electricity than most conventional dryers, have no desiccant or moving parts, and require virtually no maintenance.

The units are designed to mount on the feedthroat of the processing machine, and installation requires only 115V power (230V optional) and filtered compressed air. All dryer functions are clearly marked on the front of the unit?s on-board control?to operate, the user simply adjusts the air regulator, flips a switch, and sets the processing temperature.

The dryers use 100 psi of clean, dehumidified compressed air to dry material. Compressing ambient air and cooling it causes water vapor to condense out so that the air?s dewpoint is reduced to 40°F. When the air is introduced to the hopper and allowed to expand to normal atmospheric pressure, its dewpoint drops to 0°F?sufficient to dry in many applications throughout most of the year. When a lower residual moisture level is required, an optional membrane filter can be added to physically remove water molecules from the air. This makes it possible to lower the dewpoint of the drying air to the industry standard -40°F. Once the air makes a single pass through the hopper, it is exhausted, along with accumulated moisture, outside the hopper.
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