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November 1, 2003

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Low-warp acetal can be used in big parts

Until now, acetal resins have primarily been used in small parts because larger components warp too easily. But DuPont says it has cured the problem in Delrin 930MF, which, unusually for the company, is based on an acetal copolymer. The company is aiming at such applications as automotive clock springs, housings, enclosures, cases, and other parts for instruments, machinery, and various industrial or consumer products. It says third-party molding trials confirm the grade can hold flatness and alignment tolerances in difficult shapes, while additional molding trials, conducted by DuPont, show that Delrin 930MF can also produce remarkably large parts with minimal warp, like a machine housing that measures 50 by 40 cm.

The new grade also incorporates a mineral filler, and mold shrinkage is more than 15% lower than that of a comparable unfilled acetal. Shrinkage is almost the same in the flow and transverse directions.

Properties such as dimensional stability, chemical resistance, low wear and friction, and creep resistance are similar to those of other acetals. It is stiffer than unfilled acetal but has lower tensile strength and elongation. DuPont De Nemours International SA, 2 Chemin Du Pavillon, PO Box 50, CH-1218 Le Grand Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland http://plastics.dupont.com

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