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January 15, 2015

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MGS Mfg. Group features wide range of technologies

MGS Mfg. Group Inc. will showcase its wide-ranging technology development, including several advanced manufacturing technologies in booth W-3902 at NPE. The company will demonstrate in-mold assembly, multi-shot equipment, LSR equipment and automation systems.

Featured will be MGS’s 3-shot/3 material in-mold-assembled closure/cap manufacturing cell demonstrating this technique on a closure/cap with a molded-in gasket and septum/stopper. “By assembling the gasket in the mold we ensure 100% proper placement without post-mold handling and assembly operation,” explained John Bert, director of marketing for MGS. “The molded-in septum/stopper can also be produced with reseating properties to allow access to the contents of the vessel without removing the cap.” 

The 8-camera system


Integrated equipment includes a servo driven MGS rotary platen/turntable, with four-position, 90-degree continuous incremental rotation with a rotation time targeted to less than 0.8 seconds; vertical mount, Universal Multishot Systems (the brand name of the specialty molding equipment and the standard and custom multishot manufacturing technologies and machinery built by the MGS equipment group) E Micro All Servo Injection Unit with 8mm screw; and horizontal mount (non-op side), Universal Multishot Systems(RM) Mini Hydraulic injection unit with 8mm screw.

Demonstration of this cell includes in-mold servo driven unscrewing of the closure – while the mold is closed simultaneous to the molding cycle – thus decreasing cycle time, and returning to the molding position on the fly; A-side pneumatic ejection of the part simultaneous to mold open and mold rotate – also on the fly. Additional equipment includes a single HMI integrated controller for electric injection unit, hydraulic injection unit, electric servo turntable and hot runner system. The cell operates with a Krauss Maffei KM 160-180 CX High Performance Hybrid press and a Husky 3-shot, valve gate hot runner system.

MGS Automation, a division of MGS Mfg. Group, will exhibit an example of its high-speed continuous motion assembly platform featuring full medical-grade construction compliance, electronic servo camming with 17-axis of servo motion, vision inspection using eight cameras and is capable of assembling product at rates up to 400 parts per minute. MGS Automation produces an average of nearly 100 solutions annually and offers various equipment platforms including rotary index, linear index, press-side integration, pallet transfer and scalable bench-top solutions.

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