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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-11219

npe46.jpgExisting Products On Display Company will show its automatic Turbo-Disc water filters (Jun '99 PA, p 10). The self-cleaning unit is used to filter unwanted particulate and other contaminants from cooling tower water, chilled water and process water. It can be used in full-flow and side-stream applications. On side-stream cooling tower filtration applications, the Turbo-Disc is said to use less flush water and to have a smaller footprint than most sand-and-gravel side-stream systems. The company also says that the filter media never needs to be removed or replaced. An on-board controller monitors the differential pressure across the filter system, triggering a backwash when the filter becomes dirty. Filters are custom manufactured to meet required flow rates.

Also on display will be the Thompson Strainer (Mar/Apr '97 PA, p 29), a stainless steel unit used for full-flow cooling water applications. It is specifically designed to remove particulate and debris from chiller and cooling tower water systems.

The strainer has an inverted conical screen element and dynamic water flows to force heavier particulate (sediment, rust particles, etc.) to fall into a debris reservoir at the base of the strainer, away from the filter screen. Unlike traditional basket strainers and bag filters, the particulate in the reservoir can be flushed online without opening the strainer.

The Thompson Strainer is available in sizes to fit almost any flow rate and operates with less than a 1 psi pressure loss during maximum flow when clean. A variety of screen mesh and instrument options will also be on display.

Cool Booth Details Working demonstrations of both the Turbo-Disc filter and the Thompson Strainer will be on display. The injection molded plastic disks that make up the media in the Turbo-Disc filter will be given away. Circle 306

Booth Personnel Chris Shuster, David Romeo

Key Contact Chris Shuster, VP Sales & Mktg. - Tel: 904-248-0500; Fax: 904-248-3033;
E-mail:[email protected];
Web Site: www.millerleaman.com 

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