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Miniature blender and touch-screen control

July 1, 2004

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Miniature blender and touch-screen control

A new miniblender designated HRB (high-resolution blender) and nicknamed Herbie has a 1-lb capacity and handles four materials with any combination of major and minor ingredients. Herbie has a blending capacity of up to 160 lb/hr.

The blender comes equipped with a new color touch-screen HRB control that features a quick-start sequence, automatic calculation and maintenance of 100% recipe ratio, and two types of batching cycles. Three levels of sequencing provide automatic control of ingredients. Date- and time-stamped printable reports can be provided, and the unit has the ability to save and retrieve formulas. A visual display reflects real-time running conditions, blending rate (lb/hr ) target weights, and deviation per ingredient. The HRB control is designed to operate with all M-tek blenders and can be used on blenders without T-COM3 software.

Mould-tek Industries Inc. Scarborough, ON
(416) 285-5400

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