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February 1, 2000

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Modular Hot Runner Control System Incorporates PIDD Control Algorithm

 Modular Hot Runner Control System Incorporates PIDD Control Algorithm

pn21-0200.jpgThe Temp-Master hot runner temperature controller from Mold-Masters incorporates the company's proprietary PIDD control algorithm, which is said to provide 'superior' control accuracy.

The system is available in standard cabinets from one to nine controller modules, and complements Mold-Masters' SM-20 multi-zone hot runner control system.

The controller is capable of heating the hot runner system at a speed defined by the user-adjustable ramp settings (two ramps are included in each module). This is said to protect the hot runner on start-up and to maximize the performance of the whole system.

By using microcontroller digital control and solid-state outputs, all set-up and monitoring can be performed with simple and intuitive digital indicators.

Other key features cited:

* Enclosures are configuredfor wiring for both 3-wire Delta and4-wire WYE utilization, which easesin-field conversion to meet local power requirements.

* Feature lockout allows forthe programming of default values,which can then be locked from operatormodification.

* Temp-Master calibration can be achieved in the software when activated by the user so units can be calibrated on the spot by end-users to meetproduct performance requirements.

* High and low temperature deviation alarms can be programmed between 0 and 25 C from the set-point.

* Stand-by temperature can be programmed between 10 and 90% of the set-point.

* 'Boost,' 'Stand By' and 'Closed Loop' modes can be easily activated on the controller interface.

Pricing is said to be competitive with similar units. Please contact the company for specific information (use the Key Contact Directory).

Mold-Masters Ltd.
Georgetown, Ontario

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