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Module Makes Mucell Retrofittable

February 28, 2003

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Module Makes Mucell Retrofittable

Trexel’s MuCell Modular Upgrade makes it possible for nearly any injection molding machine to be converted to make microcellular foamed parts via the MuCell technology. Until now, processors had to buy a new injection machine in virtually all cases. Retrofitting was impractical, owing to issues like screw length (which required a machine-base extension), the machine controller software, and the fact that the machine had to be shipped out to complete the retrofit. Now, Trexel can supply a MuCell injection unit for on-site installation onto any existing machine. The unit has a screw with a l/d ratio between 22:1 and 24:1, rather than the 28:1 used to date; performance is said to be uncompromised. Cost, including installation, begins at $30,000. As with factory-built machines, the end-user installs a Trexel SCF System controller and MuCell Interface Kit. Trexel Inc., 45 Sixth Rd., Woburn, MA 01801 www.trexel.com

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